G4eps has been awarded the contract for the detail design and engineering of a 1.8 Mtpa strategic stockpile feed system

The purpose of the feed system is to transfer coal from the power station coal beds to the new strategic stockpile. This will be accomplished by means of a Feed Conveyor that will receive coal directly from the coal bed stackers. The coal will then be transferred to a 1.4 Km Reversible Overland Stockpile Conveyor that transports the coal to the strategic stockpile area. The Stockpile Conveyor then transfers the coal to a Rotary Kidney Stacker. From this point the coal will be deposited by mobile machinery.

What makes this design exceptional is that the system will be designed to cater for reclamation of coal in the future. This will be achieved by having an overland conveyor that can run in reverse.

The coal from the stockpile will be transferred to the Reversible Stockpile Conveyor by means of a buffalo feeder which transports the coal back to the power station coal bed area. The tail end of the Stockpile Conveyor will be designed so that it transfers the coal back onto the Feed Conveyor which will feed the power station coal bed reclaim conveyors.