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Zero Waste Aluminium Dross Processing and Residue Recycling Plant

G4eps has been awarded the contract for the detail design and engineering of a 2400t/m fully Integrated Zero Waste Aluminium Dross Processing and Residue Recycling plant which will be set up in the Southern Governorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The facility will have three main sections:

Dross Plant – Aluminium Recovery: Dross will be remelted in rotary furnaces where the molten aluminium is recovered in sows. The remaining residue will be released from the furnaces, cooled, and transferred to the next section for processing.

Crushing, Screening & Milling Plant (CS&M): The residue is processed through this plant to achieve the required PSD in preparation for the residue recycling plant.

Residue Recycling Plant: The milled residue will be processed through a recycling plant to achieve 3 products that will be used in the cement & fertiliser industry, including flux used in aluminium furnaces to reduce the oxidation of the molten aluminium.

The detail design and engineering will be complete in Q2 2023 with the facility hot commissioned in Q4 2023.


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